Furybot API

On this page you can find the available commands for our discord bot. I am still working on the bot, so most of the features are not completly finished and I will keep adding more usefull stuff over time.

For all parts of the commands use only lower case letters for now!

Command Description Status
!help Provides a link directly to the Furybot API page Fully functional
!quizme Furybot will ask you a question Working! More questions to be added later.
!damagetypes factionname Furybot displays the damage types to tank against and to use against the faction Working!
!exploration sitename Furybot gives you a link to a website with detailed information about the site. Example: "!exploration blood den" Only blood raider sites implemented so far
!fitting shipname Furybot gives you a link to a website exmaples for fittings of the selected ship Example: "!fitting punisher" Working, only t1 Amarr frigs for now! More coming soon!
!mission level missionname Furybot gives you links to all variations of the mission according to the given level. Example: "!mission level 1 after the seven" Work in progress. The Example works :).
!reply yourReply You can respond to things Furybot is saying. Example: Furybot is asking you a Question and you can reply with "!reply Amarr" if the context to the question makes it a reasonable answer Work in progress. The Example works :).